Thursday, December 11, 2008

Flaws and ALL

Wassup all, so I have been having a lot of heart to hearts lately, but today it really broke me down. I feel like I was disected or something. It all came to reveal that I am severely burned. Im so scarred from the past that I can't even say I love you to close friends, not to mention my significant other. I have always been a private person, some would say an introvert and I just blamed it on nature. Im big on the zodiac and horoscopes so I blame my Leonic ways lol.

I remember I use to love hard. I use to have hard crushes and really had love for all my boyfriends. Now I feel like im indifferent. Even worse I have someone that truly likes me but I don't know how to return the favor. I know I have always had a problem communicating how I feel, because to be its a weakness, but now I think I need to confront that issue. Im really feeling Beyonce's song flaws and all, cause thats how I feel.


deonte' k said...

Man I can identify where ur coming from with this post. I been there b4. U just gotta get pass that phase and u will be fine. ;)

Anonymous said...

I can relate to an extent. I'm still in the primitive stages of what you feel presently. I am still vulnerable in this particular aspect... I find myself loving hard and getting hurt when dudes toss me aside like I am nothing worth pursuing. Even if I know that I am a dignified and respectable person. Still... sometimes I can't help but admit that I have become desperate for something that I have never had --- a boyfriend and a decent relationship.

"Sometimeswe find ourselves so convinced of our own troubles that we aren't entirely sure how they came into existence."

Just remember that regardless of what flaws you feel that you are human and you have the right to be wrong, make mistakes, and learn from them. Take it easy on yourself. I know I am. ^_^ No one is perfect and you'd be surprised how many people I've met just like you and me.

Q said...

You will be fine...Beyonce gets me every time with that track too. It brings out shit I never knew was in me...

bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

From my experience, it's better that you don't say it unless you truely mean it otherwise it's empty as hell. Always protect your heart because in the end no one else will. Real talk!


Pharaoh said...

This breakdown is actually a good thing so congradulations. No, I'm not trying to be mean, you are embarking on a journey that we all have to take, but we do so at different times in our lives and arrive at different plateau.
The journey is NEVER seek all the support from as many sources you need and is available (myself included.)
Essentially you are in the process of redefining what LOVE is for you and you will grow as an individual as you go through this. Growth is a always a good thing.
Blaqnmild is right don't say it unless you mean it.
Yes protecting your heart is important but I personally advise that you love hard....that's the only way it will be the most fulfilling and benefitial to YOU.
I'll stop now.

Keith Jones said...

Thanks ya'll for the advice.