Friday, December 5, 2008

Clarence Thomas Challenges Obama’s Citizenship

I am hot! When I read this mess I got really upset. That Uncle Tom sitting on the Supreme court has decided to challenge whether Barack Obama is an American born citizen.

Of ALL the people WHY does it have to be someone black. I swear it doesn't matter how far you get in life there will always be someone trying to bring you down. The crabs in a barrel mentality clearly exists even high up. Although I know that Obama will be cleared of this inquiry, it is a digrace to black people that Thomas has decided to do this. That House negro will never earn the respect of the black race so he has decided to make news. A Sad day for black Americans.


Pharaoh said...

OK Keith,
I feel your frustration, but Thomas just MIGHT have done folks a service.
The lawsuit is stupid considering that Obama was born in Hawaii. That said this case would be a double edge sword for Thomas. I think there are many who would feel the way you do about Thomas and I'm sure he thought about those ramifications.
The other side of that is that Thomas may not had much choice about is his job. and if he refused than many other could say that he was ignoring his duty and showing racial favoritism on the behalf of Obama. The reason I say Thomas may have done folks a service is that the hearing will show the stupidity of the attorney that filed the lawsuit in the first place and the idiotic desperation of Obama's opposition.

Just a thought.

bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

Hmmmm...the easiest way to calm all the questions surrounding his citizenship is to show his birth certificate. Oh right, he's refusing to hence the lawsuit. Now granted, I think this is a silly time to even be discussing this but eh, I guess somebody disagrees.

LoL@ uncle tom Negro. Wow...