Monday, December 22, 2008

Are Gay Relationships Different?

I was reading a Time magazine article written early this year about gay relationships. It gave a story of a gay couples fire that had just blown out. They tried therapy amongst other things but it just ended. I was saddened to read the article and it makes me feel like relationships in general are futile. It raise many points about how gays have a hard time making up and the apathy that gays express when there is an issue in the relationship. I had a discussion with my significant other on this topic:

David: i guess in a since nothing last forever..according to that story
Keith: yea as far as gay relationships are concerned
David: they do...but in my eyes...communication is key..without it..relationships wont last
Keith: thats part of it
David: whats the other part
Keith: this is addressing the longevity of gay relationships and each one is different, i think after a period of time even str8 ppl go through that phase of relighting the spark
Keith: it may just be a compatibility issue
David: yea i agree
David: and furthermore..i think men in general just get bored
Keith: well that would explain the high divorce rate

So I must ask is all the searching for "that one" worth it?
And when you do find that person do get bored or find that since you have completed that challenge you can just "lounge" around on the relationship?


A.E. said...

Hey! I know its been a while but you already know i have to comment on this..I think that it has to do with the conception of love...because honestly if u love someone...becoming bored is not an option because something they do will always amaze you in some type of way. I think us as gay men tend to confuse attraction with likeness with that 4 letter word...and whenever we find someone worth having, we cling on to them not because we like them but we scared of being lonely in a world who barely accepts us and its this needy feeling that blinds us from seein whether the person is acutally compatible for us or not...this is the problem that many will never solve

JB said...

I do think that finding "the one" in the end is all worth it. Like A.E. said I think some people often confuse the word "like" with "love", and sometimes we end up trying to love someone that we only just like, just cause we want it to work and lasts even though deep down inside most of us know it won't work. I also think that with gay relationships when it comes down to the longevity of it , males don't really truly discuss or communicate how they feel about each other or the relationships. And we try to use that "read between the line" language with each other, which often don't work.

Anonymous said...

I been with my boyfriend for 5 years now and I think a gay relationship can work.....but under key factors....and work...alot of it....:)
But the end results is priceless....:)

thegayte-keeper said...

Nah I don't feel that GAY relationships are any different from hetero ones...the ONLY difference is that it involves the same sex...I feel within myself that I've found the ONE and though it has only been a year and a few months, I can't get enough of him. It is like we just met for the first time and we share intimate moments with each other and when we have arguments we communicate because we both know what our faults are. But in the long run GAY relationships are like anything else in this world, if you want to have longevity then you have to put in the work...

Losojosnuevos said...

I believe gay relationships may be a little easier to terminate, as children are less likely to be involved. All relationships, gay or straight, are susceptible to the same stressors.

mountii said...

let me say this about MEN in GENERAL...they tend to have sex on the mind...if they ain't having they are wanting...and GAY MEN seem to be worst...i mean not all of us but if men are horny just picture what it's like to be gay men!

The ONLY thing keeping straight men from fucking everything they can is that women are as sexually promiscous as men tend to be but when it comes to gay men promiscous is just the beginning...with no female men tend to find sex easier to get and are more fickle