Friday, December 5, 2008

2008 The year of black men in the media

After sitting and watching the OJ verdict, I just thought well this has certainly been the year of the black male. Black men have been struggling to gain a positive image from 1 to 80 years old. We have a crisis in this country when it comes to black males. We hold up as the most incarcerated, amongst other negative stereotypes.

First and foremost poor OJ. He got AWAY last time and he ended up back in the system and convicted. IDIOT. I mean what more can I say. Too bad Cochran wasnt here to save him this time.

Plaxico Burress. I dont know which football star is more of an idiot OJ or Plaxico. I mean come on who wears sweat pants to a club with a gun in the pocket? THEN u stupdily end up shooting yourself, pretty much lose your job, and face criminal charges. A GOT DAMN SHAME. Some people don't deserve fame and money, they just dont know what to do with it.

Kwame Kilpatrick another idiot. How stupid can you be to use lie under oath about a marital affair. Didnt he learn from Clinton? The former mayor of Detroit really screwed up, enough said.

Michael Vick. The former Atlanta Falcons Quarterback was convicted on dog fighting charges. Consequently he lost his job and ended up in prison.

T.I. another idiot move with weapons charges.

Barack Obama. 44th president, clearly the epitomy of what one can become when you put your mind to it.


fuzzy said...

well you know when ppl get big, get a lil change in they pocket, and flossin some bling they think nobody can touch them! wait lemme take that back, ppl do that and dont have clout wit nobody! at least they have slightly more common sense... lol said...

Hey there...

This has been a year with several high profile cases involving deviant black men but there are SCORES of wonderful black men in this country who are hard-working, righteous and raising their children successfully so we need to continue to place positive images in the midst of the negative ones that the white media INSISTS are the representative sample of all black men.

Peace, blessings and DUMAMIS!