Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Perfect Life?

Was good folks. My most favorite time of the year approaches again. The time from Thanksgiving through Christmas. In my now 23rd Holiday season, I can recall so many good times, and some bad. From one of my biggest Holiday season at 9, to the worst in 96 when my grandfather died. I thank the Lord for bringing me to another holiday season. With that said in this year times seem to be rough. People are losing jobs, the stocks are almost 50% down from its 14,000 point high and Americans are financially hurt. You know if the middle class is hurting, the working poor is being slammed. But in these times of trials and tribulations I see a silver lining. It is that this too shall pass. Trouble dont last always and for this Thanksgiving 2008 not only am I thanking God for what he brought me through but for what he will do in the future.
This has been not just a rough year financially for most of us but in so many others ways.
Heck as I write this im having some relationship trouble (communication) but Im handing it over to the Lord.

I want you all to think about this. I was talkn with my baby earlier and I said this point. What if everything was perfect in your life? If there is such a thing. Would you be happy? We must understand that without struggle there is no growth, or as Fredrick Douglass said no progress. We tend to always come out stronger and better in the end.

So as they say keep hope alive and if I dont write this week have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

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