Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Wassup, I know I haven't posted in a couple of weeks but im back. Since I last wrote, American accomplished a great thing. Electing a black president! I am so proud of President- Elect Obama and his accomplishment that has shaken the core of the world and has opened the door for future African Americans that want to pursue that office.

So in my personal life I am happily married lol with that special someone I mentioned to y'all in a previous blog. Of the relationships I have had, this one is surely unique. The last 3 months have had more high than lows and I thank God for Love. On the other hand I was told not long ago that I was a heart breaker. I know I have done my stuff in the past but come on heart breaker. I guess the reality didn't hit me until I talked to a person that I was dating a little while ago. We had a rough little break up. He said he wanted to bust the windows out my car! lol. That song really inspired some mess. Nonetheless I guess I have a strong effect on people. Better yet, I know I am a flirt. maybe I took it too far in the past to leading people on. Whatever it maybe, im sorry!


Anonymous said...

Nice pic bruh. I can understand where you coming from because I've been going thru a lil myself. But if it wasnt for love, for them being always there and supportive, I don't know where I'd be. But continue your happiness.

Pharaoh said...

Hey there,
I am just exploring various blogs and came across yours. I just have to say I am always happy to hear when young gay men find love with that special person. SOOO many guys are afraid to be vulnerable and open up that they kill the spark before it has a chance. I wish you the best.
You two make a handsome couple!

Anonymous said...

Don't be afraid to be yourself. People are going to be mad no matter what you do so may as well be for who you truly are, at least you can say it was fun while the green eyed monster rides their backs because really they want to be you so badly.

It's me Shawn from 360 aka Introfeel. I haven't been here in ages so I forgot my password.