Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Ok so I feel the need to blog some thoughts. Today I decided to change my yahoo screen name because over the last 6 years I have accumulated quite a few names. So in that I announced it to my friends in a mass message. Probably a big mistake. So much negativity. All I heard was u whore this and u whore that. Im like WOW. I know I had a promiscuous stage when I went off to college. I went to an all male black school in Atlanta, GA. Enough said. It was the first time I had a chance to explore my sexuality. Im not trying to justify anything but I think that should be known. Im attractive yes and used it to my advantage. Hell who wouldn't. I pulled many dudes and some that others became to be envious. I am a BIG flirt and now I see my flirtatious ways led many on and caused my name to be defamed. It's cool because I really dont have to prove anything to anyone unless you are paying my bills. I so glad that I have grown and matured to a point where I know how to take negative energy and make good use of it.

It is a shame that gay people always assume. Why is it that every gay guy someone knows, they assume that there was some form of sexual encounter? Not even half the gay dudes I know have I had any form of sexual engagement. The small percentage that I have messed with was oral and even less did I go all the way. There is too much mess out there to be laying with every man that has a dick or ass.

Even WORSE most of us went through some promiscous stage and front like we are virgins. Spare me. Im so glad that I have a dude now thats honest and I am to him. We can accept each other for our pasts and move on. Thats what gay people need to do we need to stop digging for dirt and start burrying it.


Anonymous said...

You know you always have my support. Keep living free.

Shawn aka Introfeel

Anonymous said...

To me, that is one of the biggest problems in this lifestyle. So many of us pretend to be high and mighty and have been thru the same phases all of us go thru. THAT IS LIFE. If you can't accept people because of their past, then why would u like them anyway? Because the past help makes you who you are. Just keep doing you and forget what everybody else is saying. Very few people reach true happiness...so keep it.

Pharaoh said...

LOL with that kind of reaction I'm curious to know what your yahoo screenname was/is?

don't worry about the haters, in most cases they are upset that you feel comfortable enough to do what they wish/want to do.

THARULA said...

I can relate because when i first got into the life I was pretty promiscuous my damn self,lol. I don't feel bad tho because I was just breaking into the business so I wanted to explore.