Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I met Brandy!!- Updates

Its been a little while since I blogged people, So I have a few updates to write. The first starts off with me meeting Brandy Sunday night outside of a club in DC! A friend of mine who is a big fan invited me to see her perform. Although she didnt perform, as she was leaving the club, I got a chance to hug her and shake her hand and took the picture of her and my friend. She is a real nice girl. I think about the idea that I grew up on her, so its a bit different from the other celebs I have met. She is on a radio tour for her new cd coming out early next month titled, 'Human.' Go cop it.

So I have been keeping busy and I see as the weather gets colder my heart is getting warmer. I have two prospective dudes, who I am feeling. One Ive known for over a month and we have gotten pretty close. We hung out just the other day ALL day at the museums and I had a great time. He is really a romamtic person. Its very few people that I can spend so much time with like that. The other is a friend I just met a couple of weeks ago through a friend of mine. We have yet to have any one on one time, but time will tell. We both are in the same situation of being "torn in between the two." Both are good dudes and I will just go with the flow and see what happens.

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A.E. said...

Ahhh love triangles.....well I hope in the end you choose which ever one warms your heart up the most and also the one who occupy your thoughts the most. As far as meeting Brandy...Well, shit congrads..I know if elt the most envy when one of my best friends met Beyonce and i wasnt there to share the wealth lol but i know It will be a matter of time before I will not only meet her but work with her whether it be dancing, singing, whatever! lol