Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Hey all, my computer has been acting crapy so I havent been posting lately. Anyway I had the most weird dream. I was having dinner with John McCain and Barack Obama, lol. Maybe this political stuff has really got to me. And of course when the dream was getting good someone had to wake me up. So you know when a dream is good you try to go back to sleep to go back to the dream? Not this time, but it did happen once for me a long time ago lol.

The last few days have been alrite for me. I spent all day Sunday in church and watched my Cowboys win their 3rd game in a row! They are playing the redskins this Sunday which I am highly looking foward to. Speaking of church Sunday, the devil was lerking Sunday night. I got a call to go out to the club at 3am. Being that I havent been to the club in a minute, I was tempted, but I know that I would have been no good for God on Sunday had I went.

No other major news to report right now other than VOTE Nov 4th!

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