Thursday, September 4, 2008

On the State of Hip Hop/Rap NY vs. ATL

This is in response to a New Yorkers comments that the music from the south is lame.

Sup son, this is probably my first message ever sent on youtube, but coming across your page inspired me to do so. I have to agree and applaud you for your expression of the current state of hip hop and rap. Being from DC, being in NY, Brooklyn, for a minute, and now residing in ATL, I have heard the different musical styles. I have learned to appreciate the NOTORIOUS B.I.G. as well as T.I. and dare I throw in a little GO-GO music. Although they are on a different schemes, I have found the one thing that I can appreciate is the diversity. In the midst of it all however, I agree with you that rap could use some real meaning, instead of singing about bitches and cars. That applies to both northern and southern hip hop/rap. Music is a form of expression. It can clearly be seen as the decades have passed, the changes in the lyrics of what we, black people in particular are feeling. The one thing that I truly love and cant express enough is the diversity. While ATL is walkin it out and two steppin, NY is spittin mad hard lyrics that make you think. Inevitably before and if we all can just 'get along' there will be a battle of the music genre between the north and south to determine who is the best and what the people want more. Im with you bro that the music needs to think, at the same time appreciate the mutiplicity that we have. PEACE AND SOUL,


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