Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My View on the 2008 Election Season

I cant believe as a political science major, I have yet to write a blog about this current historic presidential election. Well here are my views. I'll start with the democrats since that is my party. Barack Obama to me is the role model that for a good time, Black Americans didn't have. He is the story that if you work hard you can truly achieve your dreams. His historic nomination brought tears to many eyes last week at the Democratic National Convention. As I sat and watched a tear couldn't catch my eye but I understood the importance of the moment. A black man, whose race was once traded as property, has been nominated for the office of president of the United States. It speaks volumes on so many levels to the old and young, black and white among others.

So despite Obama being a black man...I know he is half black but for the context of this blog I will just say black, where does he stand on major issues affecting our country and he is ready to lead? He certainly has a track record, albeit short, after being elected to the Senate on 2004. We all remember the riveting speech he gave at the 04 convention and again last week. Despite the Roman Columns and the larger-than-life stage, I thought that his speech addressed every issue and that he will take this country back in the right direction.

I must give props to Hillary Clinton. Although I jumped ship back in January because of her husband, she lead a strong fight and I can certainly see her running again for president. The convention I thought, healed the wounds of the blows that were exchanged during the rough primary season.

One thing that Obama did was choose a running mate that has a LOONG record in the Senate, and a family man who has great foreign policy experience. Joseph Biden was the perfect selection for vice-president and I can see these two doing well running this country.

The Republicans have chosen a man that has a distinguished military record and a man that has served in the Senate for some time. John McCain is someone that I respect for achieving the American dream, but I do not politically agree with him on many issues. I think that the biggest monkey on his back is trying to separate him from Bush, a president with the lowest approval ratings ever. However I think he may have shot himself in the foot by choosing Sarah Palin as his VP.

Sarah Palin is a woman with extreme conservative values. I respect her for raising a family of 5 and for being the first female Governor of Alaska. However if McCain God forbid was to die (McCain is 72 and would be the oldest elected president) I just don't see her being able to effectively run this country. She has NO foreign policy experience and honestly doesn't have the credentials to be to president. OK so some can argue that Obama doesn't have the credentials. However I beg to differ. Obama is doing what Bush Jr. did. Where he was weak, he brought in advisers who were strong in that area to balance the field..i.e. Biden. But Palin..WHY? MCAIN WHY? Then lets not forget the family drama going down with her daughter having a baby at 17 unwed. Oh and the drama over that police officer being fired. For someone so CONSERVATIVE her family could give Maury Povichs' show a run for his money.

So lets see what the Republicans do this week. Lets see if they will either stick to the issues or slam Obama.

I tried to be unbiased!!


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