Thursday, September 4, 2008

My Response to MOREHOUSE Has White Valedictorian

I am sure you have heard by now. The AP has picked up the story, Newsweek and almost every major outlet of news. Morehouse college, the nation's only all male predominantly black college has graduated a white valedictorian, Joshua Packwood.

As a current student at the college and a member of the graduating class of 2008 (December) I am somewhat shocked at the many comments I have heard in regards to this. In the 141 year history of the college, Morehouse has graduated a a top white student. I have heard comments such as, what is going on down there, and who is slipping? No one in my opinion. I have seen Josh around on campus since freshman and of course initially like most students, a stare or two may have come from me, but after a while you get used it and just see it as someone getting an education and in my mind, a pioneer of sorts. I do not know the valedictorian well, but from what I have heard his fits right in with all the 'brothers'.
Even so we need to see the world not for what it is but for what it is becoming. And as I was writing this and doing some research a fellow blogger friend of mine on the uppity Negro network website quoted yours truly and another Morehouse student. I told him that if Morehouse has a white valedictorian then its time for a black president. But I was appalled to hear someone quote that we [Morehouse students] fucked up and let him [Josh] slip under the radar. That is insinuating that all the black males at Morehouse did not try hard enough. Josh earned his honor, let him have his 15 minutes of fame. We live in a time where race is a hot issue and the media will blow up something like this. Even if a top ivy league school would graduate a top student of a different race, I am sure the same media attention would ensue.

I look forward to hearing the comments on this story.


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starkitty50 said...

I remember this story and as an HBCU grad--Bennett College-- your True Sister School LOL.., I was amazed at the negativity from some of the students. Morehouse will always be the best institution for young, African-American men in the country whether they have a White man graduating at the top of the class or any other ethnic group other than African-American. I'd hate to think that he was mistreated by the students in any way for being there. I'd always known of Morehouse to be about Brotherhood and high standards. Racial equality and tolerance should come from all sides and not just from White people. I don't think that it's right to say that White people should not be allowed to go to HBCUs as I've read on other blogs. I don't know if you knew him personally or knew of anyone who knew him, but I'm interested in what the people who knew him thought. He seemed genuine and humble in interviews.