Thursday, September 11, 2008

I remember 9-11-01

September 11, 2001, a day like any other other. I sat in my 10th grade music class when I first heard the news that America was under attack. I can recall the day so vividly, probably more than any other day that year. As my school went on lock down, we continued on our normal schedule until it was decided that we would have an early dismissal.
The entire student body was assembled in the cafeteria as the principal well academy director at the time, announced what had happened. Students were saying, "its the end of the world" among other apocalyptic comments.
As school was dismissed and I headed to the train station, I remember everything looking "normal." The train ride was quiet and errie to say the least. I can remember me thinking that I wish I had a radio or a TV to see or hear what was happening. I would get that chance when I saw the flames at the Pentagon from a distance from the bus stop not far from my home. The rest of the day I can remember going home, watching the news and then falling asleep. There was a weird feeling in my stomach that I can recall

Its amazing to see young students talking about this tragedy that were still in their mothers wombs when it occured. I hope 7 more years from now we will still recognize and remember the tragedy for what it was and that America will have to never experience anything like this again.

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