Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Hillary Effect

As an Obama supporter, I am a bit concerned now that the McCain camp has picked up the momentum by choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate. I wonder if this would have been a big deal if he had chosen Hillary. Hillary and Obama did have a long primary battle and they have united, however Hillarys response to Palin has beeb rather soft" compared to the Hillary we know and how she can get.

No disrespect to the career Senator Joe Biden but Hillary is more CHANGE than Biden. Biden has a great long record but picking Biden to me was a more of the same politics to me. My props to the McCain camp for turning the election into a non issues battle but rather an election on sexism, racism, amongst the other isms'. The only way that Obama can recover is by trying to focus back on the serious issues at hand. We DO NOT need another 4 more years of the same old tired failing Bush policies, which I believe McBush represents. Even worse I would move to another country if Palin God forbid won and regrettably became President. Forget that machine under Switzerland and France destroying the earth, Palin will doom us all.

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