Friday, September 5, 2008

God Moves Mountains

Alot can happen in 24 hours. Your entire life can change. Well I experienced that since the last time I wrote yesterday. People can be so cruel and show no compassion, which I have come to learn more and more. Thank God for his mercy, and I pray for those people that don't have a heart. I witnessed family being evicted and God stepping in right on time. Not only did the situation get better, it gets GOOD! God brings people, Christian or non Christians into our lives to help when needed. Unfortunately, the so called Christian Church was unavailable for comment. Nonetheless God sent people that not only offered to pay to move all the furniture and storage it but to also pay the first months rent and security deposit at a new place. God is good. Witnessing that event yesterday truly made me believe that there is God in heaven that works with us everyday.

Prayer is a powerful tool that we need to start using more and more. Times are rough and when the going gets tough its time for a greater power to step in.

I know I have a lot going on in my life, but I thank God for everyday, no matter its outcome. The trials in life can only make you stronger and the good times are times to relish and enjoy.

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