Friday, September 26, 2008

DC Gun Rights vs. DC Voting Rights

As I sat and watched Congress on C-Span the other day debating the DC gun law, I felt upset and vunerable to Congress and its continuous attempts as making DC an "experiment city." The constitution gives Congress the exclusive right to legislate over the District of Columbia. Although we have a city council and mayor, Congress must approve all legislation in DC. Furthermore DC has only one voice and NO vote in the US Congress. Delegate Holmes-Norton represents DC in the House of Representatives but has not vote on the floor. DC also has no voice in the Senate.

A city that has 600,000 residents, more than 4 US states, pays the most in taxes per capita, and has had a veteran fighting in EVERY war since the Civil war needs a voice and a right to decide on their own matters.

Why is Congress, the Republicans in particular, arguing over a gun control law when DC has been disenfranchized for over 200 years?

I believe in the right to bear arms but there must be certain restrictions set in place the keep the guns out of the hands of people that dont need them.

I hope that when Barack Obama is President, DC will finally get what it deserves, The innate American ability to exercise our voice in Congress.


A.E. said...

I totally Agree man...And thanks for the congrads... Let us all pray that Obama will make it to that presidential chair

Will said...
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Will said...

You are right. DC has been held back, and it's very belittling to have to go to Congress for everything, when other places that are a legal State can make their own decisions independently. A lot of tax money is generated by DC. Maybe one day we should go back to having sit ins like they did back in the 60s. That was the only thing that seemed to get people's attention.