Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The End of Twenty 08 (Last Blog of the Year)

Well if you are reading this you made it through another year. 525,600 minutes as the play/movie Rent put it. This has been a year of many trials and tribulations for me to say the very least, and im glad to see it go. 2009 couldn't come at a better time. People need to feel refreshed and rejuventated and a new year is what the doctor ordered. Maybe next year we can do things different, not just for ourselves but for others. Maybe we can show love and compassion for the sick, edlerly and poor. Maybe in 2009 we will be a little bit nicer to each other. I believe that every little bit helps and every change makes a difference so when you put it all together things come out looking so much better than you could have imagined.

For 2009 the first year with a new black president, I am really glad to see that we are moving in the right direction as a country. I pray for Obama's safety and judgment as he takes office January 20th. I pray for an economic relief for all who are struggling and for cures to maladies and diseases in 2009. I pray for the grandmother that prays for me daily. I pray for families to come together again and put aside past issues. Let 2009 truly be the year of change.

Happy New Year!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Torn in Between the Two (No not Love)

Wassup all, I hope you had a good Christmas and that you are as excited as I am for the upcoming year. 2009 is going to be a good year. Obama is going to make some changes that we need desperately.

So tonight I am bit conflicted. I am having serious thoughts about returning back to Atlanta. In addition to missing my friends, church down there, an extention of my freedom and of course the night life, I feel like I didn't complete my task there. I want to go back to school since the job market is looking slow and what better than to continue my pursuit of happiness than by getting more education. Wonderful idea if I had the money to finance it. It seems like as a political science major I can't find many scholarships. I know my gpa is not what it was in high school where I was Valedictorian but life hit me hard after my first year of college. Morehouse is one helluva school to pay for. 30 G's and it goes up every year.Sure I have a lot of scholarships but only covered half. Its funny I did so well my freshman year and stayed in the club lol. However once I moved off campus (since it saved me a lot of money) got a car, since the Marta in ATL literally goes nowhere, my focus on school slacked drastically. I don't know how people manage school and a full time job but my hat goes off to them. I took a job at a restaurant that paid good tip money since I was good at what I did.

DC right now is not giving me promise. The only thing that is really keeping me here other than trying to finance school is my BF, and my family. My family however can live without me since they are use to me coming and going away to school. I am pondering on asking if my BF would consider moving to Atlanta. He's never been there before and the only thing really keeping him here is his brother and his job. Im sure he can transfer to a Best Buy in Atlanta since he has recieved high commendations on his work. Still its a big step and a lot to ask. Of course I could do school here in DC where it would be wayyyy cheaper, infact so cheap the school would be giving me money back lol. Still I would want to continue to work and get my own place. Since I wrote this I think I may have made a decision.

Tell A Hookup Story #4

So I have to write about a really funny time I had at this gay conference. (Yes a gay conference_ The HRC sponsored an HBCU summit every year in DC for students that wanted to network and help manage their campus GLBT organizations.I went for 3 years and just about every year has a story, lol so I will just write about the most interesting time I had. My last year at the conference I had spotted this dude that I though was so smart and cute. I even told my bestfriend who was there that I was going to get him. I guess I played my cards right. The dude we'll call Mickey. So Mickey and I didn't even talk at all the first day. It so happened that we started talking on capitol hill where we were lobbying members of Congress to support the HRC and share our stories. Believe it or not, we took an extended lunch break, bought some liquor for our "social later on that night" left the liquor with his friend since he attended Howard and headed back to the hill. On the way we talked and got to know each other.

When we got back to the hotel it was on! I acted as a bartender since I had the most skills at the time from working behind a bar. Let me tell you when you put gay ppl and liquor together in a room, it all comes out! It was maybe 7 of us in the room. Dudes were starting to get a little frisky if you know what I mean. They started playing this game where you have to blindfold someone and act out their fantasy. Oh the catch, the lights are out! Lawd when those lights came on this nikka was naked! lol. It sounded like phone sex to be honest since you couldn't see anything. So they ended up leaving and it was just me Mickey and two other dudes. It was hella silent because all I could hear was those two kissing and it was dark. Mickey and I at this point were already laying down in the bed because I decided to give him a massage before that crazy game started.We started kissing and taking off clothes, and dry humping for a bit. Next to us I could hear the bed rocking which meant they were wayyy ahead of us. However we didnt get that far since we had fell asleep together. Now in the morning was a different story. it was soo funny coming down to breakfast late and I know everyboy knew but hey it was cute lol. Mickey and I were an item for those few days. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. I was so pissed when we had to leave. My bestfriend was like you got it bad lol.

So today we are still friends, more like associates. I eventually came back to DC of course and we spent the night together again. Got a damn parking ticket because of street cleaning but it was worth it lol. Ironically I saw him in the club like a month ago and my current BF was with me so I introduced them. No shade I keep it real. Now had Mickey tried to flirt with me it would have been a different story but I knew he wouldn't do that.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Poem For You

I tried to find a poem for you

to try something different, fair and true

I searched for hours with no luck at all

It was like searching for love again

like i use to do in a mall

browsing from place to place

looking for the right thing to say

so I decided to write my own poem

one that expresses my very thoughts

I need you like a heart needs a beat

man that's so deep

I just can't sleep

Until I finish this poem

Im not the one to be soft

Cause when I did people scoffed

But now that I have you

The days are no longer blue

This poem is almost over now

But before I say ciao

I hope you got a little bit of my thoughts

one in a million

just like your heart.


Monday, December 22, 2008

Are Gay Relationships Different?

I was reading a Time magazine article written early this year about gay relationships. It gave a story of a gay couples fire that had just blown out. They tried therapy amongst other things but it just ended. I was saddened to read the article and it makes me feel like relationships in general are futile. It raise many points about how gays have a hard time making up and the apathy that gays express when there is an issue in the relationship. I had a discussion with my significant other on this topic:

David: i guess in a since nothing last forever..according to that story
Keith: yea as far as gay relationships are concerned
David: they do...but in my eyes...communication is key..without it..relationships wont last
Keith: thats part of it
David: whats the other part
Keith: this is addressing the longevity of gay relationships and each one is different, i think after a period of time even str8 ppl go through that phase of relighting the spark
Keith: it may just be a compatibility issue
David: yea i agree
David: and furthermore..i think men in general just get bored
Keith: well that would explain the high divorce rate

So I must ask is all the searching for "that one" worth it?
And when you do find that person do get bored or find that since you have completed that challenge you can just "lounge" around on the relationship?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tell A Hookup Story #3

The next story in this series is about a time I almost got caught by my room mate. So it was freshman year roughly into October I believe and I was talking to this dude we'll call JD. JD was a high school senior planning on possibly attending Morehouse after he finished. I believe we met on m4n or bgc. Anyway I thought he was really cute and mature so we decided to have "regular sessions. We also hung out a lot since he passed the gaydar. So one weekend my roommate left to go out of town. Anytime he left, I took advantage of it. I would immediately make plans for the weekend while he was away.

One of the advantages of going to an all-male school is that since no one knows everyone, dudes could easily slip by the no female visitors and curfew. Funny though that was actually brought up in a dorm council meeting on which I sat as fundraising chairman. It didn't get far but it was a laugh to me.

So I called JD and made plans for him to stay the weekend. Friday and Saturday went smooth but we spent most of the time out of the dorm. Sunday though, as we were I guess getting last nutts in we took a risk so I literally moved that big tall dorm dresser/closet thing in front of the door. Thank God I did. As we were in the middle of it, I hear some keys and the door knob trying to turn. I hopped up fast as did JD, rushed to pull up our pants and I went to move the closet thingy. I made up an excuse saying the door must have been jammed. My roommate had seen JD before so he was familiar.

Thinking about it now, my roommate met a lot of my pieces and probably didn't even realize it lol. I'm thinking now I wonder if my roommate ever heard me phone boning lol or saw anything on my pc, although he rarely if ever used it. However I would be on that webcam having the time of my life..I wonder if he ever saw what I was doing under that desk which was turned to face hims o he couldn't see the screen. LOL the life of living undercover.

Even if he knew I was gay, he was a cool dude. I respected his boundries and never attempted to hit on him although my bestfriend thought he was sexy. He wasn't my type, he was skinny and homely lol. He wasn't the neatest person but I swear when he cut his hair junior year, LAWD!

I recall having arguments with gay friends about our roommates and their sexuality. I had a crush my bestfriends roommate as he did mine. We were going to switch rooms for one night but it never happened. His roommate had this southern accent with this BIG nice round ass. In this discussion my bestfriend brought up the fact that one night he heard his roommate masterabating. Quote, "all I heard was squish squish." LOL college days.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Is Tithes to the Church still Relevant?

I feel like a sinner for asking this question but I do want to hear your opinions. I did a Google search for tithing and got mixed results. Mostly a lot of Bible scriptures stating that we should tithe. Of course the origins go back to taxes, but is tithing relevant in 2008? The Bible commands that we pay 10% of any income we receive to the church. The words of Malachi, reaffirmed by Jesus, promise those who bring their tithes into the storehouse that the Lord will open "the windows of heaven, and pour [them] out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it." The promised blessings are temporal and spiritual. The Lord promises to 'rebuke the devourer,' and he also promises tithe payers that 'all nations shall call you blessed, for ye shall be a delightsome land' (3 Ne. 24:10-12; Mal. 3:10-12)."

I am always curious to see and hear how one is blessed. I know I am although I may want more and in time hopefully I will. Surely it is a blessing just to be in good health and have a sound mind but in times of trouble does our faith pull us out or our tithes? Is tithing an old thing like not eating shell fish?

Time Flies By, a Reflection

Wassup all I know it has been a few days since my last blog. I have been trying to get into the Christmas season which just came so fast thsi year. This leads me to my blog for today. Doesn't it feel like time, or life just seems to be passing by? I know the old saying time flies when you're having fun but I think its more than that, and it's not just me that thinks so. I know that in our daily lives we become so accustomed to repetition that we don't notice some things until we stop and think. It feels just like yesterday 9/11/01 happened. Now its almost the year 2009. I find myself thinking can I keep up with time? I turn 24 in 2009, to which the thought i feel old lol. However with this time flux if you will, I have come to appreciate this life more and more. The ups and downs, love, hate, and fear to name a few.

I was watching the animal planet channel one day and there was a show about cats. Some cat owners put a camera around the cats neck so they could see what the cat was doing when they were away at work. The camera took a picture every 10 minutes. The images were amazing and I said all of this to say what a beautiful world we live in. The picture that stood out the most to me showed the deep green blades of grass with the sun high in the sky.

This entire blog leads me to say despite all of the everyday issues we have with our loved ones, friends, and even our own internal conflicts, just stop and look around and live to appreciate because that loved one may not be there tomorrow. Take time to take in God's green earth because even that seems to be fading everyday. Time waits for no man, it only passes you by, and life will still go on.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Shoes Thrown at President Bush!

OMG LMAO Ya'll check this out.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tell a hook up story # 2

Alrite time for story #2 in this series of real life tales. Tonight I want to talk about this dude that had been stalking me in class lol. Ok this was 2 or 3 years ago and I had this dude in my political science class that apparently had been watching me for a long time. He hit me up online one day and I remember trying to figure out who in the world was he. Of course I went over the people that I wanted it to be that was in the class lol but found out it was someone else. Since my bestfriend was also in that class with me I had him help scope out who it could have been. So eventually he decided that he was going to see me after class. He was ok looking, not who I expected because you couldn't tell he was gay at all. We walked and talked and exchanged numbers. I think about a month went by before I invited him over to my place. We talked online a lot in between that time. So he drove way out to Austell, GA, about 15 mins down I-20 from downtown ATL where my bestfriend and I had moved to. When he came in we talked, watched a movie in my room. We were discussing wrestling since I am a big fan and he told me that he used to wrestle. Eventually started wrestling lol. He was really good actually. So that led to kissing, sucking, rubbing, stroking and nutting lol. After that he decided he was going to cook for me so we went to the local Kroger, a grocery store in the south, and he made this delicious alfredo. He stayed the night, nothing else happened till the morning where we got our freak on before he left to go to work. We still talk actually to this day. We have had many "sessions" over the years and I found out that he wanted to date me. I brushed him off since I wasn't feeling him like that. I realize now why i've been called a heartbreaker.

Flaws and ALL

Wassup all, so I have been having a lot of heart to hearts lately, but today it really broke me down. I feel like I was disected or something. It all came to reveal that I am severely burned. Im so scarred from the past that I can't even say I love you to close friends, not to mention my significant other. I have always been a private person, some would say an introvert and I just blamed it on nature. Im big on the zodiac and horoscopes so I blame my Leonic ways lol.

I remember I use to love hard. I use to have hard crushes and really had love for all my boyfriends. Now I feel like im indifferent. Even worse I have someone that truly likes me but I don't know how to return the favor. I know I have always had a problem communicating how I feel, because to be its a weakness, but now I think I need to confront that issue. Im really feeling Beyonce's song flaws and all, cause thats how I feel.

Tell a hook up story # 1

So as I was chatting on yahoo tonight with my friend I ended up talking about my promiscous past. People always say about themselves that they can write books, well I am going to start a series of blogs lol based on my past sexual experiences. I will try to remember the great details to keep you hooked. Some of this may shock you. Some may even judge. Its all good, I have been there. I just want you to enjoy it. No editing. No censoring, pure unadulterated hook ups. Plus my commentary of course lol.

For obvious reasons I will not disclose any real names. So Apparently I just found out as im typing this that my friend who lived in LA two years ago messed with this same Asian dude that I messed with 2 years ago when he was visiting ATL. We described him to the point.

So I forgot his name but we'll call him Chen, I met him on BGC one Sunday afternoon when I should have been studying. Horny and studying don't go along so I did my daily routine of getting on BGC. I am a very picky person so half the messages I didnt respond to. However this cute Asian dude had sent me a message. He was short, like I like my dudes, had a pretty smile and a decent body. We exchanged messages to reveal he was visiting from LA and wanted to get into something. We then exchanged numbers and then we talked on the phone for a little bit. I can recall he had this West coast accent that really turned me on. He told me he was staying at the Westin in downtown Alanta, no more than 10 minutes from where I was and asked if I wanted to roll through. Horny and satisfied with his qualifications I took the bait. I hopped in the car and headed down MLK drive toward downtown Atlanta.

I found a parking spot in the parking lot of the City Cafe where my friends and I would go after clubbing sometimes. I walked about 1/2 a block towards the hotel and gave him a call. He told me his room number 700 something, so I thought immediately he must have a good view. (Google Westin in ATL and you can see what I mean) So I finally made my way to the elevators, which moved fast as hell to the floor. I knocked and he opened. He was dressed very urban, looking very much like his pics. We chatted for a bit about the time he was spending in ATL and he had showed me what he had bought. I remember thinking this dude is really tryna be a blasian lol. But then I went for it. I went down and pulled down his zipper, took out his dick an started sucking. I can still remember the pubic hair being wavy and looking a little different lol. His piece was ok, what I expected for an Asian lol. He was making all this noise and talkin trash which sounded hot as hell. So we took it to the bed, took off our clothes and 69'd till we both came. he nutted on my chest and I on his face, oops lol. A hot oral session to say the least. I remember texting him for for a few weeks after, with him telling me he wanted me to come to LA and visit him. However we lost contact over time. That was my first and only time with an Asian dude.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Relationships are tough Part I of who knows

Well since everyone I follow posted a blog I thought I would post a more personal one. I appreciate the comments I have been getting and I have enjoyed reading a lot of your blogs. Too much at times lol but certainly enjoyable.

Tonight I sit here a man in a relationship going on officially 2 months unofficially 4 months. That means we dated for 2 months before we made it official. Anyway I have been in 5 relationships since Aug 2004, the time I "came out" and to say the least this one is different. First its different because its the first person I have ever dated in DC, my hometown. All of my exes lived in ATL where I had my own place, own car, I did my own thing. Now that I am back home in DC trying to re-establish myself it has not been easy trying to maintain a relationship. Don't get me wrong, dude is a good fit and very understanding. He has his own issues to deal with like trying to find an apartment and move away from his grandmother. He too had an apartment but got burned by his roommate not holding up his end of the deal so he moved out. Now the difference between us is that he is working pretty much as a manager at Best Buy making pretty good money. Me, well my lousy job isnt paying much, but I thank God for it. His hours are kinda rough. He works in the evenings, I work in the day. So we picked Sunday, a day we are both off, to hang out. I am committed to this relationship although it is tough now, because I know this situation wont last always. The economy is rough and jobs are scarce, even in DC but im searching for something better and trying to finish school at the same time. So many times I have thought about just going back to ATL. There I am guaranteed a job with my bestfriend at Comcast, or I could always go into serving at my old restaurant where I made at least $150 a night. However im not the one to give up and will weather the storm of my personal trials.

Friday, December 5, 2008

2008 The year of black men in the media

After sitting and watching the OJ verdict, I just thought well this has certainly been the year of the black male. Black men have been struggling to gain a positive image from 1 to 80 years old. We have a crisis in this country when it comes to black males. We hold up as the most incarcerated, amongst other negative stereotypes.

First and foremost poor OJ. He got AWAY last time and he ended up back in the system and convicted. IDIOT. I mean what more can I say. Too bad Cochran wasnt here to save him this time.

Plaxico Burress. I dont know which football star is more of an idiot OJ or Plaxico. I mean come on who wears sweat pants to a club with a gun in the pocket? THEN u stupdily end up shooting yourself, pretty much lose your job, and face criminal charges. A GOT DAMN SHAME. Some people don't deserve fame and money, they just dont know what to do with it.

Kwame Kilpatrick another idiot. How stupid can you be to use lie under oath about a marital affair. Didnt he learn from Clinton? The former mayor of Detroit really screwed up, enough said.

Michael Vick. The former Atlanta Falcons Quarterback was convicted on dog fighting charges. Consequently he lost his job and ended up in prison.

T.I. another idiot move with weapons charges.

Barack Obama. 44th president, clearly the epitomy of what one can become when you put your mind to it.

Clarence Thomas Challenges Obama’s Citizenship

I am hot! When I read this mess I got really upset. That Uncle Tom sitting on the Supreme court has decided to challenge whether Barack Obama is an American born citizen.

Of ALL the people WHY does it have to be someone black. I swear it doesn't matter how far you get in life there will always be someone trying to bring you down. The crabs in a barrel mentality clearly exists even high up. Although I know that Obama will be cleared of this inquiry, it is a digrace to black people that Thomas has decided to do this. That House negro will never earn the respect of the black race so he has decided to make news. A Sad day for black Americans.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Ok so I feel the need to blog some thoughts. Today I decided to change my yahoo screen name because over the last 6 years I have accumulated quite a few names. So in that I announced it to my friends in a mass message. Probably a big mistake. So much negativity. All I heard was u whore this and u whore that. Im like WOW. I know I had a promiscuous stage when I went off to college. I went to an all male black school in Atlanta, GA. Enough said. It was the first time I had a chance to explore my sexuality. Im not trying to justify anything but I think that should be known. Im attractive yes and used it to my advantage. Hell who wouldn't. I pulled many dudes and some that others became to be envious. I am a BIG flirt and now I see my flirtatious ways led many on and caused my name to be defamed. It's cool because I really dont have to prove anything to anyone unless you are paying my bills. I so glad that I have grown and matured to a point where I know how to take negative energy and make good use of it.

It is a shame that gay people always assume. Why is it that every gay guy someone knows, they assume that there was some form of sexual encounter? Not even half the gay dudes I know have I had any form of sexual engagement. The small percentage that I have messed with was oral and even less did I go all the way. There is too much mess out there to be laying with every man that has a dick or ass.

Even WORSE most of us went through some promiscous stage and front like we are virgins. Spare me. Im so glad that I have a dude now thats honest and I am to him. We can accept each other for our pasts and move on. Thats what gay people need to do we need to stop digging for dirt and start burrying it.

Monday, November 24, 2008

My Stance on Gay marriage

Its amazing after prop 8 passed the backlash the gay community has thrown out towards blacks and Hispanics. Its soo amazing to me that we elected the first black president and in California rights were being taken away. ANYONE in California, or Arizona where a similar measure was on the ballot that voted for Barack Obama and against gay marriages should be ASHAMED of themselves as HYPOCRITES. Im not the one to judge but its the truth. Who are we to say who is to marry? Its a debate that doesnt even need to be debated. I love the argument, trying to protect the sanctity of marriage. What sanctity? With the 50% plus divorce rate in the US I dont see where. My thing is this. If two people LOVE each other whether they be male female, male male or female female, cat dog hell whatever, that they be given EQUAL treatment UNDER LAW.Is it not in the Preamble to the Constitution that we have the inalienable right to the puruit of happniness. I never knew love and compassion to be a crime and its a shame that so many are afraid of it. I know many of us are caught in the stereotypes of all gays are going to hell. Let me set this point straight NO sin..if it is even a sin, is greater than the other, and he who is witthout sin cast the first stone.

I bellieve that all people that want to become one shall have that rights, we make things too complicated. Its that simple.

oh Love to Wanda Sykes and Queen Latifah, classy lesbians lol.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Perfect Life?

Was good folks. My most favorite time of the year approaches again. The time from Thanksgiving through Christmas. In my now 23rd Holiday season, I can recall so many good times, and some bad. From one of my biggest Holiday season at 9, to the worst in 96 when my grandfather died. I thank the Lord for bringing me to another holiday season. With that said in this year times seem to be rough. People are losing jobs, the stocks are almost 50% down from its 14,000 point high and Americans are financially hurt. You know if the middle class is hurting, the working poor is being slammed. But in these times of trials and tribulations I see a silver lining. It is that this too shall pass. Trouble dont last always and for this Thanksgiving 2008 not only am I thanking God for what he brought me through but for what he will do in the future.
This has been not just a rough year financially for most of us but in so many others ways.
Heck as I write this im having some relationship trouble (communication) but Im handing it over to the Lord.

I want you all to think about this. I was talkn with my baby earlier and I said this point. What if everything was perfect in your life? If there is such a thing. Would you be happy? We must understand that without struggle there is no growth, or as Fredrick Douglass said no progress. We tend to always come out stronger and better in the end.

So as they say keep hope alive and if I dont write this week have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Wassup, I know I haven't posted in a couple of weeks but im back. Since I last wrote, American accomplished a great thing. Electing a black president! I am so proud of President- Elect Obama and his accomplishment that has shaken the core of the world and has opened the door for future African Americans that want to pursue that office.

So in my personal life I am happily married lol with that special someone I mentioned to y'all in a previous blog. Of the relationships I have had, this one is surely unique. The last 3 months have had more high than lows and I thank God for Love. On the other hand I was told not long ago that I was a heart breaker. I know I have done my stuff in the past but come on heart breaker. I guess the reality didn't hit me until I talked to a person that I was dating a little while ago. We had a rough little break up. He said he wanted to bust the windows out my car! lol. That song really inspired some mess. Nonetheless I guess I have a strong effect on people. Better yet, I know I am a flirt. maybe I took it too far in the past to leading people on. Whatever it maybe, im sorry!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Jennifer Hudson Tragedy

I write this with sadness. It is a shame that someone can murder a mother and a brother of someone so loved as Jennifer Hudson. Not to mention as I write this, her nephew is missing. This was really a tragic year for Chicago. As we all remember, Kanye West lost his mother due to plastic surgery earlier in the year. Homicide related though, Chicago is only 10 homicides away from reclaiming its infamous title as murder capital of the world.

I send my condolences to the Hudson family for their loss and I hope for the speedy recovery of her nephew. I hope that they catch whoever did this and send them away for life.

This whole ordeal raises a question though, would any normal person maybe like you and I get this mass attention if our family was slain or one of our little ones went missing? Probably not would the same police attention should be given to ordinary people that celebrities seem to get.

Nonetheless, I cant imagine what Jennifer must be going through. I wonder if she will ever sing again. She will definitely be taking some time off to try to cope with this massive loss. Keep her and her family in your prayers.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Im in Love!!

People really take things and one another for granted but im glad to have finally found someone that I believe truly will be there for me and vice versa. Although we have been talking for two months, this is the first time I have brought this topic up. I used to always write about my horrible love life, but recently there has been a mix of the batter. This person completes my sentences and takes away my breathe. The times we spend together are always on point and so much fun. Its almost hard to believe that I found someone so meaningful but I thank God for putting this person in my life. I will post a picture in the future of us together once we take one. Until then enjoy your Columbus Day.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I met Brandy!!- Updates

Its been a little while since I blogged people, So I have a few updates to write. The first starts off with me meeting Brandy Sunday night outside of a club in DC! A friend of mine who is a big fan invited me to see her perform. Although she didnt perform, as she was leaving the club, I got a chance to hug her and shake her hand and took the picture of her and my friend. She is a real nice girl. I think about the idea that I grew up on her, so its a bit different from the other celebs I have met. She is on a radio tour for her new cd coming out early next month titled, 'Human.' Go cop it.

So I have been keeping busy and I see as the weather gets colder my heart is getting warmer. I have two prospective dudes, who I am feeling. One Ive known for over a month and we have gotten pretty close. We hung out just the other day ALL day at the museums and I had a great time. He is really a romamtic person. Its very few people that I can spend so much time with like that. The other is a friend I just met a couple of weeks ago through a friend of mine. We have yet to have any one on one time, but time will tell. We both are in the same situation of being "torn in between the two." Both are good dudes and I will just go with the flow and see what happens.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Doom and Gloom Economy

Im sure by now we're all used to hearing on the evening news, "a tough day on Wall Street," and, "the markets are down," but today we saw the biggest drop in US history The DOW fell 777 points. Unbelievable. The reason for the drop? Congress failed to pass the 700 trillion dollar bail out deal brokered in a bi partisan manner.

I feel like most Americans on this issue, Can I get a bail out? The average American is struggling just to put gas in the car to get to work, or put to put dinner on the table for his family. Why is the government trying to bail out these people that put themselves in that position to begin with because of greed?

Times are tough and I dont see it getting any better before it gets worse. Its hard to get a loan to simply buy a car or a home unless you have prestine credit. Oh and an educational loan? Forget about it. Looking for a job? Good luck, the National umemployment rate is 6.8%, the highest in years. Your 401k? Better save whats left of it because at this rate its going down the tube.

All this is to say we need to stay conscious and prayed up over this crisis that is not only affecting Americans, but the entire globe. The stock markets in Asia and Europe have not been immune to the American crisis.

Friday, September 26, 2008

DC Gun Rights vs. DC Voting Rights

As I sat and watched Congress on C-Span the other day debating the DC gun law, I felt upset and vunerable to Congress and its continuous attempts as making DC an "experiment city." The constitution gives Congress the exclusive right to legislate over the District of Columbia. Although we have a city council and mayor, Congress must approve all legislation in DC. Furthermore DC has only one voice and NO vote in the US Congress. Delegate Holmes-Norton represents DC in the House of Representatives but has not vote on the floor. DC also has no voice in the Senate.

A city that has 600,000 residents, more than 4 US states, pays the most in taxes per capita, and has had a veteran fighting in EVERY war since the Civil war needs a voice and a right to decide on their own matters.

Why is Congress, the Republicans in particular, arguing over a gun control law when DC has been disenfranchized for over 200 years?

I believe in the right to bear arms but there must be certain restrictions set in place the keep the guns out of the hands of people that dont need them.

I hope that when Barack Obama is President, DC will finally get what it deserves, The innate American ability to exercise our voice in Congress.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Hey all, my computer has been acting crapy so I havent been posting lately. Anyway I had the most weird dream. I was having dinner with John McCain and Barack Obama, lol. Maybe this political stuff has really got to me. And of course when the dream was getting good someone had to wake me up. So you know when a dream is good you try to go back to sleep to go back to the dream? Not this time, but it did happen once for me a long time ago lol.

The last few days have been alrite for me. I spent all day Sunday in church and watched my Cowboys win their 3rd game in a row! They are playing the redskins this Sunday which I am highly looking foward to. Speaking of church Sunday, the devil was lerking Sunday night. I got a call to go out to the club at 3am. Being that I havent been to the club in a minute, I was tempted, but I know that I would have been no good for God on Sunday had I went.

No other major news to report right now other than VOTE Nov 4th!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday, Monday

I missed posting yesterday as I had a busy day and literally passed out when I got home. I went to my fathers appreciation ceremony put on by his church. They held it at this all u can eat buffet. For someone that has been restrictive on my diet, it felt so bad eating all that food. I decided to jog this morning for about 15 mins, to end with cramps from the humid air. Today has also been a pretty busy day as well with me running errands for my family.

Today was also historic on the stock market. Lehman Brothers crashed and Merrill Lynch was right behind but was saved by Bank of America. I have this bad gut feeling that we haven't seen the last of the market going down. At least oil is dropping!

I had to laugh though at some of the medias spin on the Lehman brothers crisis. Titles such as "Nightmare on Wall Street," since word had broke Sunday night, and other names was too much.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Price Gouging Gas

I was pissed off today as I went to fill up the car and saw a gas station that was at $3.65 two days ago and now is $3.99 a gallon. I promptly cursed the gas station and drove to MD, not even 2 miles away, where the gas was $3.63. I know a lot of folks are scared about the ramifications of Hurricane Ike on the oil refineries but it doesn't give anyone a right to gouge the prices like that. Tomorrow I will actually follow a presidential mandate and report that gas station to the proper authorities.

Cursed hurricanes! Gas has been steadily going down, but come on, people need relief. Its not like I drive a gas guzzling vehicle either. I long for the $1.99 a gallon days.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Personal Blog # 1

Well it was a long week, but by the grace of God I made it through. Each week I am going to write a personal blog about the happenings in my life. Today there isn't much to write about, but I do want to talk about a peronal lesson God is taking me through.
That lesson comes from the Bible. "Faith without works is dead." For so long I was thinking that as long as I believe in God, he would solve all my problems. Which is true however I had no works to show. I didn't tithe and I honestly wasn't helping people out to the extent that I could have. Not necessarily financially either. God blesses us with so many talents and things which can help your neighbors, friends, even strangers on the street. I thank God for waking up my spirit. A scripture says it is better to give than to receive. I firmly believe that. The joy of helping someone when you can is indescribable.

On another note. I received an email today from the director of the teaching program that I was in this summer. They really want me to teach at Excellence Charter school upon the completion of my undergrad career. I had a lot of fun and I learned a lot teaching 5th grade up in the BK. Career wise I am still undecided. I come from a family of teachers so I know the long hours and hard work that is required to teach our children.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I remember 9-11-01

September 11, 2001, a day like any other other. I sat in my 10th grade music class when I first heard the news that America was under attack. I can recall the day so vividly, probably more than any other day that year. As my school went on lock down, we continued on our normal schedule until it was decided that we would have an early dismissal.
The entire student body was assembled in the cafeteria as the principal well academy director at the time, announced what had happened. Students were saying, "its the end of the world" among other apocalyptic comments.
As school was dismissed and I headed to the train station, I remember everything looking "normal." The train ride was quiet and errie to say the least. I can remember me thinking that I wish I had a radio or a TV to see or hear what was happening. I would get that chance when I saw the flames at the Pentagon from a distance from the bus stop not far from my home. The rest of the day I can remember going home, watching the news and then falling asleep. There was a weird feeling in my stomach that I can recall

Its amazing to see young students talking about this tragedy that were still in their mothers wombs when it occured. I hope 7 more years from now we will still recognize and remember the tragedy for what it was and that America will have to never experience anything like this again.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Hillary Effect

As an Obama supporter, I am a bit concerned now that the McCain camp has picked up the momentum by choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate. I wonder if this would have been a big deal if he had chosen Hillary. Hillary and Obama did have a long primary battle and they have united, however Hillarys response to Palin has beeb rather soft" compared to the Hillary we know and how she can get.

No disrespect to the career Senator Joe Biden but Hillary is more CHANGE than Biden. Biden has a great long record but picking Biden to me was a more of the same politics to me. My props to the McCain camp for turning the election into a non issues battle but rather an election on sexism, racism, amongst the other isms'. The only way that Obama can recover is by trying to focus back on the serious issues at hand. We DO NOT need another 4 more years of the same old tired failing Bush policies, which I believe McBush represents. Even worse I would move to another country if Palin God forbid won and regrettably became President. Forget that machine under Switzerland and France destroying the earth, Palin will doom us all.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Raising the Driving Age?

Wow so ironic yesterday that I wrote a blog about bad driving and I hear the news today that some group wants to raise the driving age. As someone who had the toughest time getting a license under 18 in the District I almost dont see the reason. I have to admit although I had a learners permit I was still driving, ignoring the restrictions. I know that most teens at that age do the same. While I think 16 is a bit young to drive, I favor the 17, or 17 1/2 age approach. There should be limits on the types of vehicles that age range drives and steep penalties for accidents.

We must not forget though the stats and that is OLDER DRIVERS (over 65) cause more accidents than younger drivers. Maybe there should be a cap on how old one can drive?

Monday, September 8, 2008

Idiots that can't drive

So today I witnessed a bad accident involving a childrens van and an idiot driver. The idiot driver ran a stop sign and caused a van full of children to hit a curb nearly missing a tree and almost running into a home. I have terrible road rage and the one thing I HATE is bad drivers or people that make dumb rash decisions. I have been driving for 3 to 4 years now and I can say that I drive safer than most in my age bracket. Anyway one child appeared to be hurt as MPD scrambled to find a first aid kit until the ambulance arrived. I must admit that DC police was on top of the situation dispatching out 6 police cars, a fire truck and two ambulances to handle the situation. The idiot driver appeared to be in his 20's..I see why insurance is so high for my age bracket.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday News/ Our Vote doesn't Count?

GOOD Sunday for those reading, I am a bit tired as I write this blog because I was awaken in the early morning by the irritation from my contacts that I had left on.
Nonetheless I still made it to church this morning and was blessed. I visited a Baptist church in DC (Lord they can go on) no offense :-)

However I didn't agree with the pastors comments that our votes in the election doesn't count. I believe in this critical election that every vote counts. Yes the president is chosen through the electoral college but in order to win those votes we need to come out in numbers to vote.

Friday, September 5, 2008

God Moves Mountains

Alot can happen in 24 hours. Your entire life can change. Well I experienced that since the last time I wrote yesterday. People can be so cruel and show no compassion, which I have come to learn more and more. Thank God for his mercy, and I pray for those people that don't have a heart. I witnessed family being evicted and God stepping in right on time. Not only did the situation get better, it gets GOOD! God brings people, Christian or non Christians into our lives to help when needed. Unfortunately, the so called Christian Church was unavailable for comment. Nonetheless God sent people that not only offered to pay to move all the furniture and storage it but to also pay the first months rent and security deposit at a new place. God is good. Witnessing that event yesterday truly made me believe that there is God in heaven that works with us everyday.

Prayer is a powerful tool that we need to start using more and more. Times are rough and when the going gets tough its time for a greater power to step in.

I know I have a lot going on in my life, but I thank God for everyday, no matter its outcome. The trials in life can only make you stronger and the good times are times to relish and enjoy.

Palin Slams Obama..really?

Well im sure you all saw that smear fest last night at the Republican National Convention. Palin along with Guillani did not talk about solving Americas problems, they only talked about Barack Obama. The only thing she proved is that she knows how to talk trash and ignite a crowd that was already in her favor. I am curious to see how the rest of America responds.

I was disappointed with her speech. Infact, I am very dissapointed with this convention. There has been no one talking about the issues that Americans really care about. The thing is they cant because the last 8 years under Republican leadership has forced us into these hard times.

I am more proud than ever to be a Democrat! I know that in November, Americans will see through all the rhetoric and vote for a leader with REAL CHANGE you can believe in.


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Saving black boys

Very good article, check it out.

In the Supreme Court's 1954 Brown v. Board of Education decision, Chief Justice Earl Warren wrote, "Today, education is perhaps the most important function of state and local governments ... it is a principal instrument in awakening the child to cultural values, in preparing him for later professional training, and in helping him to adjust normally to his environment ... it is doubtful that any child may reasonably be expected to succeed in life if he is denied the opportunity of an education."

Among the many children in America who are at risk and likely to lack success in school -- most often because they lack authentic educational opportunities -- the African American male student stands alone in terms of the accumulation of negative factors affecting his future. The evidence is startling, and the sum of all these negative factors alarming.

Special Education: Black boys in 2000-2001 made up 8.6 percent of national public-school enrollments. They constituted 20 percent of those classified as mentally retarded, 21 percent of those classified as emotionally disturbed, 12 percent of those with a specific learning disability and 15 percent of those placed in special education. Twice as many black boys are in special education as black girls, a fact that rules out heredity and home environment as primary causes and highlights school factors.

Expulsions and Suspensions: Despite representing only 8.6 percent of public-school enrollments, black boys comprise 22 percent of those expelled from school and 23 percent of those suspended.

Dropouts: While between 25 percent and 30 percent of America's teenagers, including recent immigrants, fail to graduate from high school with a regular high-school diploma, the dropout rate for African American males in many metropolitan areas is 50 percent.

Graduation Rates: Nationally, 50 percent of black males (as compared with 61 percent of black females, 80 percent of white males and 86 percent of white females) receive diplomas with their high-school cohort. In some urban districts, 30 percent of black males are in special-education classes, and of the remaining 70 percent, only half or fewer receive diplomas.

Juvenile Incarceration Rates: For whites under 18, 105 out of every 100,000 are incarcerated; for black youths the rate is three times as high, 350 per 100,000. More black males receive the GED in prison than graduate from college.

Unemployment: According to the 2000 census, the percentage of black youths 16 to 19 neither employed nor in school was 24.7 percent, nearly twice the national average for this age group and six times the national unemployment rate.

As a society, we don't like to talk about the magnitude of this failure. Ted Sizer, founder of the Coalition of Essential Schools, speaking at an Educators for Social Responsibility meeting about America's most vulnerable students, asked, "Why are we so silent on these questions? ... Why is the silence so pervasive?"

Throughout America, there are in fact schools that enable African American boys to succeed. But they are isolated, and there has been no national commitment to bring high-quality education to all children. Ronald Edmonds, founder of the Effective Schools Movement, observes, "We can, whenever and wherever we choose, successfully teach all children whose schooling is of interest to us. We already know more than we need to do that."

We must acknowledge this national problem and commit to the long, and likely painful, journey toward a positive future for African American boys. Though flawed in significant and improvable ways, the stated intent of the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) is commendable. It should be revised and fully funded to ensure success. Many educators of color support NCLB as a means -- perhaps the only current systemic means -- to ensure that black boys will not be left behind.

More fundamental even than NCLB, though, is the undisputed research about the benefits of early childhood education and what it means to the probability of success in school and life. Analyses by RAND of one preschool project after another -- including the Perry Preschool Project, Abecedarian Project and Chicago Longitudinal Study, among others -- confirm these benefits of quality early childhood education: less grade retention, less need for special education and increased high-school graduation rates. These results were especially significant for African American students, who all too often arrive at the kindergarten door with severely inadequate school readiness.

There are many examples of excellent educational outcomes for vulnerable children in general, and black boys in particular. These examples demonstrate that adequate financial resources combined with adults who hold themselves accountable for student success do produce high-level results for students most at risk of academic failure. Project GRAD (Graduation Really Achieves Dreams), which began in the Houston public schools, is now being implemented in several urban school districts. It takes a student from kindergarten through high school and ensures consistent and rigorous math, reading and behavior decision-making instruction from highly trained teachers, then rewards graduates with college scholarships.

Carlton Jenkins, principal at Linden McKinley High School in Columbus, Ohio, used Project GRAD to lead a renaissance of what was once the worst-performing high school in the district. Between 1998 and 2003, the following improvements resulted in McKinley High being nominated for the National Association of Secondary School Principals' Breaking Ranks Award:

• Enrollment increased by 25 percent;

• Graduation increased by 100 percent;

• Out of school suspensions declined by 81 percent;

• Expulsions declined by 59 percent;

• Mobility declined by 73 percent;

• The school went from meeting no state standards to meeting the reading and writing standards; and

• It went from no students in advanced-placement courses to 286 students in advanced courses.

Jenkins values the additional resources, the curricula (specific reading, math and behavior programs) and college scholarships that come with the implementation of Project GRAD, but he believes that it takes that and much more to maximize the potential of black boys. Core to the growing McKinley High success, Jenkins says, is building trusting relationships with students and those who teach and support them. According to Jenkins, developing the staff's teaching ability and fostering positive attitudes about black boys is essential, and he credits that change to the dramatic reductions in suspensions and expulsions that account for more learning opportunities. Visiting classrooms each day and attending student functions are part of Jenkins' routine to ensure that academic expectations permeate the entire school community. Jenkins is known for telling his staff and students, "Failure is not an option at LMHS!"

Another example with demonstrated results is the Institute for Student Achievement (ISA). Over its 13-year history, ISA schools have demonstrated remarkable results for African American students. In places like Roosevelt and Hempstead high schools on Long Island and Benjamin Banneker and Park East high schools in New York City, the results have been extraordinary. About 95 percent of the ISA students complete high school, and more than 85 percent were accepted to college. ISA's success record is largely due to its approach of identifying a group of ninth-grade students at risk of academic failure and becoming dropouts, then working with this group over a sustained four-year period to improve academic performance. Through specialized counseling, extended learning, parental engagement, college-preparatory activities and other supports that help students master a rigorous academic curriculum, the students respond and succeed.

Last Sept. 22, "J.," a black Roosevelt High senior, responded to the question, "If I were in charge, what would I do to ensure a positive future for black boys?" J. told an audience discussing how to improve school results for poor students, "I would never have been planning on attending college without this program ... maybe I would have gotten messed up with a bad crowd and not even graduated -- or worse. All kids need what we have at Roosevelt!"

These two highly successful examples clearly demonstrate the necessary intersection among three critical factors: qualified and motivated staff, leadership committed to improving the academic achievement for all students, and funding adequate to ensure that poor and challenged students will succeed academically at a high level. If these schools can succeed, there is no excuse for any school to fail.

Adequate financial resources continue to be a huge challenge. There are promising lawsuits on equal funding in New Jersey, Kentucky, Maryland and New York. But it will be incumbent upon local communities to actively express their intolerance for the failure and exclusion rates associated with African American male students. At a more systemic level, school districts such as the Boston, San Diego and Richmond, Va., districts have made significant academic progress for all student groups. State accountability test results show significant improvement rates for African American and Hispanic students in those districts led by stellar and determined superintendents. In Boston, for example, the black-white graduation gap has narrowed to 8 percent for African American boys, and the graduation rate for African American girls is actually higher than that for non-Hispanic white girls. The evidence thus shows that large urban systems can change course and reverse the downward spiral of school failure for students.

The promises of public education and freedom remain elusive for black boys. Slowly, positive steps are creating a cautious faith in our will to ensure that this group of students will not waste away due to the public's silence. We, the public, have choices to make about who gets to receive a quality education, who benefits from the promises of public education, who enjoys optimal freedom in America and who does not. For the sake of black boys and other vulnerable students, we must make the right choices.

Rosa A. Smith



Jobs for Young Black Men: What Will It Take?

In the 1990s, employment grew strongly among young black women – due in part to welfare reform, the strong economy, and a range of new benefits for single working mothers (like child care subsidies and earned income tax credits).Yet employment rates for young black men continued their long slide downward.

Low employment among young black men is very costly – to themselves, to their families and children, and to the nation as a whole. For instance, low employment among men is strongly associated with crime, and at the national level, crime and prisons cost the nation hundreds of billions of dollars each year.

What causes high joblessness among blacks? Their schooling is weak, and the labor market places more value than it used to on reading and math skills. The blue-collar jobs that always paid well for less-skilled men are disappearing, and those that remain pay less than they used to. While less-skilled Hispanics also face this problem, employers seem more willing to hire them – especially those who are immigrants. Informal job networks remain strong in immigrant communities but have shrunk in low-income black neighborhoods as fewer and fewer menwork. Also, suburban areas with strong job growth are out of reach to many of those living in poor black neighborhoods, due to transportation problems and lack of connections.

As a result, many young black men turned to illegal activity – especially the drug trade – in the 1980s and early 1990s. But while crime rates finally fell during the latter 1990s, our prison populations kept rising. We now have two million people locked up on any given day in the U.S. – over two-thirds of whom are minority men. By some estimates, nearly 30 percent of all young black menhave already been in prison at some point.

When they leave prison, their job problems are generally worse than when they were first locked up. On top of their poor skills, low work experience and substance abuse histories, most employers are now reluctant to hire former offenders – especially black offenders. State laws prohibit them from holding many kinds of jobs or even drivers' licenses. And the young men themselves have very little interest in jobs that offer them nothing but low wages, few benefits or chances for promotion.

Most of these men are non-custodial fathers, and their child support obligations also drive many out of the job market. When young menfall behind in their payments – as they certainly do while in prison – states can withhold nearly two-thirds of their wages for child support when they work. But, for low-income men, much of this money goes to the state (if their families have been on welfare) instead of their own children – so they see even less reason to hold jobs and make payments in the first place.

Here is the catch: we now quite heavily subsidize the work efforts of single mothers with children while we heavily tax the work of poor fathers, especially those who have been in prison. Perhaps we shouldn't be too surprised that low-income mothers are working more these days while fathers are working less.

Can this cycle be reversed? Efforts to increase employment and prevent crime among young menmust begin with school reforms to improve basic skills. In the high school years, we should link them to the job market through apprenticeships, internships, and the like. Their access to training in community colleges needs to be improved. And job training programs with proven records for out-of-school youth – such as the Job Corps and the Youth Service Corps – should be expanded.

But we also need to make low-wage jobs more acceptable to young men An earned income tax credit – which was so successful at drawing low-income mothers into the job market – should also be available to poor fathers who are keeping up with child support payments. Perhaps the small credit for childless adults should be expanded as well, to encourage their attachment to the world of work.

And state policies that discourage work among poor fathers – especially those with criminal records – should be reviewed. Maybe laws limiting their work in some jobs (like child or elder care) make sense. But others restrictions are only punitive and should be eliminated. Child support orders for poor fathers should be set more realistically, and large arrears reduced in some cases.

While these policies will cost some public (and private) resources, doing nothing costs far more. We were willing to invest billions in the employment of low-income women in the 1990s. It is time to do the same for low-income young men.

Did Racial Integration Destroy The Black Economic Culture?

Today in my Race and Law class an interesting idea was mentioned that I want to blog on here about today. The professor said that before integration, blacks invested into their own community. The example he gave is the historic Auburn Ave in Atlanta, GA. Before integration, there were black owned businesses lined up down Auburn. However following integration, blacks stopped investing into their community and more into the white owned businesses. As a result these businesses had to close down. Therefore whites won in the end.

However, in speaking with my grandmother on this topic, she refuted that argument with a different point. The reason why the black owned businesses shut down was not because black stopped investing into their own, but taxes on the businesses forced many of them to close.

What do you all think?


Pants up or Down?

ATLANTA — Baggy pants that show boxer shorts or thongs are becoming a "major concern" throughtout the United States and should be banned in Atlanta, according to a proposed amendment to the city's indecency laws.

"I don't want young people thinking that half-dressing is the way to go. I want them to think about their future," the amendment's sponsor, city councilman C. T. Martin said Wednesday.

Debbie Seagraves, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia said the law could not be enforced in a nondiscriminatory way because it targets something that came out of the black youth culture.

"This is a racial profiling bill that promotes and establishes a framework for an additional type of racial profiling," she told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution for its Thursday editions.

The proposed ordinance would also bar women from showing the strap of a thong beneath their pants. They would also be prohibited from wearing jogging bras in public or show a bra strap, Seagraves said.

The proposed ordinance states that "the indecent exposure of his or her undergarments" would be unlawful in a public place. It would go in the same portion of the city code that outlaws sex in public and the exposure or fondling of genitals.

The penalty would be a fine in an amount to be determined, Martin said.

Any legislation that creates a dress code would not survive a court challenge, Seagraves said.

Martin, who is black, said he plans to hold public hearings and vet the proposal through churches, civil rights groups and neighborhood organizations.

"The purpose of the paper is to generate some conversation to see if we can find a solution," Martin said. "It will be like all the discussions we've had around the value of the hip-hop culture. We know there are First Amendment issues ... and some will say I'm just trying to put young black men in jail, but it's going to be fines."

Atlanta would not be the first city to take on sagging pants.

Earlier this year, the town council in Delcambre, Louisiana, passed an ordinance that carries a fine of up to $500 or six months in jail for exposing underwear in public. Several other municipalities and parish governments in Louisiana have enacted similar laws in recent months.,2933,294269,00.html

On the State of Hip Hop/Rap NY vs. ATL

This is in response to a New Yorkers comments that the music from the south is lame.

Sup son, this is probably my first message ever sent on youtube, but coming across your page inspired me to do so. I have to agree and applaud you for your expression of the current state of hip hop and rap. Being from DC, being in NY, Brooklyn, for a minute, and now residing in ATL, I have heard the different musical styles. I have learned to appreciate the NOTORIOUS B.I.G. as well as T.I. and dare I throw in a little GO-GO music. Although they are on a different schemes, I have found the one thing that I can appreciate is the diversity. In the midst of it all however, I agree with you that rap could use some real meaning, instead of singing about bitches and cars. That applies to both northern and southern hip hop/rap. Music is a form of expression. It can clearly be seen as the decades have passed, the changes in the lyrics of what we, black people in particular are feeling. The one thing that I truly love and cant express enough is the diversity. While ATL is walkin it out and two steppin, NY is spittin mad hard lyrics that make you think. Inevitably before and if we all can just 'get along' there will be a battle of the music genre between the north and south to determine who is the best and what the people want more. Im with you bro that the music needs to think, at the same time appreciate the mutiplicity that we have. PEACE AND SOUL,


Words of Encouragement

Hear what God says: If I did not answer your prayer at once, it is because I am testing your faith. If I did not answer your prayer at once, it is because I am testing your patience. If I did not answer your prayer at all it is because I have a better plan for you. Remember God's promises are yes and Amen! He is God not man, which explains why He can never fail, hold on, don't be discouraged, your miracle is knocking at the door of your heart. A little more faith is what you need to see all your needs met. The Prayer Answering God is saying He has met all your needs. Send this to all your friends out there, and you'll see how God will respond speedily to your needs.

My first sermon from last year

On Wednesday April 26, 2006, of last year I delivered my first meditation, homily, sermon titled, the Bittersweet. Enjoy!

"The Bittersweet"

In the Old Testament reading we continue the Exodus of the Israelites led by Aaron and Moses out of Egypt to Mt. Sinai. 3 days on this journey the Israelites began to complain about the lack of food and water. As a result, the Lord provided for them with an abundance of both. As I read over this passage I asked myself well why the Lord had the Israelites journey through a wilderness. Surely there was a better and more promising passage with food and water from Egypt. However like everything, God in his magnificent plan, has a purpose. His purpose for the Israelites was to show them that he is the ultimate provider and no one else. It is what I call a bittersweet relationship. We too are sometimes lead into the wilderness by the Lord metaphorically, with the many obstacles of life to overcome. Sometimes friends, even God himself seems distant from us. Our spiritual thirst is palpating, we’re thirsty for something, anything, which will quench our thirst. And when we find that something or someone its like bitter waters in which it fails to live up to the hopes we invested in it. And we wonder: "What in the world is God up to? Is he just toying with me? Is he just leading me on? It all seems so cruel." Maybe like the Israelites, our anger finds an outlet in its direction toward another who let us down. But in the same continuum what happens when God's word is followed? The waters become sweet. Obedience to the word of God is sweet. The application of God's word to the bitter waters of life turns them into sweet waters. That doesn't mean that life becomes easy or even that the circumstances change; but if we believe God's word that God he will be with us through those difficult circumstances, there will be sweetness to life that no circumstances can turn to bitterness. The instructions of the Lord "are sweeter also than honey and the drippings of the honeycomb" (Psalm 19:10). There is sweetness to following the Lord, trusting his word.

That sweetness is also given in the New Testament reading from the Gospel of John in which Jesus symbolizes himself and God as the vine and the vine grower respectively. In this symbolism, we are called to abide in God, trusting that the Vine will supply the needs to the branches that one comes from the other, that we are connected. It is only in abiding, the peaceful, calm acceptance of the direction the Vine will grow and the wisdom of the Vine dresser in discerning what is necessary in creating a beautiful, fruitful branch.

A woman bent down to pick up a bag of apples in the grocery store. Her back went into a terrible spasm and she froze in position and let out a loud shriek in pain. Another shopper leaned down and with compassion in her voice said, “If you think the apples are high, wait until you see the price of the peaches!”

Good fruit does come at a high price. That’s generally as true of spiritual fruit as it is with natural fruit. Both require some tending, some feeding, and some pruning in order to produce as intended.

We spend a great deal of our time, energy, and money seeking the authentic article, the real thing. Saying that something is the real thing sells more. Often people find out that what they think is valuable is really a well-made fake. Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, we have to settle for a reproduction. Certain genuine articles are so rare or so expensive that most of us cannot get them. Very often our language trips us up and gives away what we are about. Things are advertised as “genuine antique reproductions.” “The next best thing to the real thing,” or “indistinguishable from the real item, except by an expert,” are phrases used to entice us. We become so accustomed to settling for the next best thing in so many areas of our lives, we are tempted to do the same thing in the spiritual realm as well. The Gospel from John talks about the real thing, the genuine article, authentic fruit that comes from abiding in the true vine. So, why abide in the true vine? Why worry about what kind of fruit we produce? Why would Jesus teach his followers such a thing? The reason he said what he said is because he is who he is. He said, “I am the true vine my Father is the vine grower. Therefore, all others are copies, counterfeit, or reproductions. We are to be branches of that true vine. It is not our race, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, our nationality, or our religious denomination that makes us branches of the true vine. The only thing that can do that, that can make us living, fruit-bearing branches of the true vine is to have, in faith, an intimate, living, soul-feeding relationship is and with the only one who is the true vine, the one we know as Jesus Christ. Not being a fruitful person means that the fruits sown by the great adversary; hate, revenge, narrow-mindedness, envy, malice, judgmental attitudes, resentment, ignorance, and a whole host of others will continue to grow. Those bad fruits are always much more expensive than the good ones. And that is just too high a price to pay. Amen.

©KJONES 2007